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I understand that searching through a blog is pretty difficult, since all the information contained in it is segmented. So, to help you navigate my site, I have organized this start page into three sections: The Classroom, Great Sites, and Quick Reference. Hopefully, this will help you find useful posts and guides that may have become buried.

The Classroom
School is now in session! Below are the lessons that I think are important to learn if you want to not only destroy your PT test, but also improve your health.

Lesson #1: The PT Test

Lesson #2: Diet and Health

Lesson #3: Cortisol and Health

Lesson #4: The Six Principles of Optimal Health

Lesson #5: Engineering the Perfect Body

Lesson #6: Exercise

Lesson #7: How to Build Muscle and Strength

Great Sites
There are many good sites out there that can help give you good nutrition and health/fitness theory.

  • Foodily. Search several different recipe sites all at once. You can even select recipes that include--or exclude--certain ingredients.
  • Nutrition Data. See the macro- and micro-nutrient content of thousands of foods in incredible detail. You can even add your own ingredients and recipes to see how nutritious they are. 
  • Rapid PT Facebook Page. If you like my Facebook page then you will get notified every time I find an interesting article or study. 
  • Yummly. Like Foodily, except it gives you much more power to include and exclude ingredients.

  • Beast Skills. Learn how to do some truly difficult--but fun--body weight exercises. 

  • Mayo's Mind. This is my other blog, which delves much more deeply into the causes of degenerative disease and how to improve human health.
  • Chris Kessler. Chris is dedicated to finding out what an actual healthy diet is, without the knowledge-killing dogma (like me). He also does an incredible amount of excellent diet and lifestyle research.
  • Primal Blueprint. This site argues that improved health can be found with the combination of the low-carb Paleo with a more active lifestyle. There is also a lot of good research and success stories found here too! 
  • Perfect Health Diet. An excellent site filled with very helpful (and sometimes highly technical) articles that cover everything from healthy diet and lifestyle changes to explanations of various biological processes.
  • Weston A Price. In the 1920s, Weston Price and his wife traveled the world comparing the health of neighboring Western and traditional populations. What he found was that no matter where he went, traditional populations who enjoyed properly prepared whole foods didn't suffer from degenerative diseases. However, the more a population ate modern pseudo-foods (e.g., sugar, white flour, canned foods), the more they suffered from degenerative disease. This website is dedicated to explaining why modern pseudo-foods are so destructive to human health. 
  • Daily Lipid. Chris Masterjohn, who writes for the Weston A. Price Foundation, is a thorough researcher with an exceptionally level-headed grasp of whatever he writes about. For this site, he is focused on clarifying cholesterol's role in heart disease.  

Quick Reference
I've collected all of the helpful guides that I've used throughout my blog and assembled them all in this section.

Rapid PT Food Pyramid
Click here for larger image.

Rapid PT Food Guide
Click here for PDF file.

Rapid PT Supplement Guide
In the table above, I have provided minimal, optimal, and maximum micro-nutrient values. The minimal intake level is the lowest amount you can consume every day and not develop deficiency diseases. The optimal intake level is the amount that is thought to produce optimal health (my sources for these values are identified at the bottom of the table). The maximum intake level is likely to produce toxic reactions. You should never go above the maximum dosage for any of these micro-nutrients. Click here for larger image.

Rapid PT Fitness Standard

Rapid PT Waist-to-Height Ratio Chart
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Rapid PT BMI Table
Click here for larger image.