The 42-Day Program

The goal of this program has always been simple:

To help you score 90 points or better on your next PT test with only 42 days of smart training.

Shrinking Your Waist
The beginning of your PT prep journey starts with your waist. If you have a noticeable belly you can exercise until you collapse from exhaustion and you likely won’t be able to get rid of it (actually, that approach may ironically cause your waist to grow). That’s because your waist size is largely a consequence of chronic stress, malnutrition, and overeating. As such, there are four (4) ways to quickly shrink your waist:
  • Reduce all sources of chronic stress: Chronic stress will constantly elevate your blood levels of the stress hormone cortisol, which will redirect energy into the fat behind your abdominal wall (called visceral fat), trapping it there until all the source(s) of chronic stress are eliminated. And the more chronic stress you suffer from, the bigger your waist will be (especially for men). Chronic stress is primarily reduced through better lifestyle habits.
  • Improve your diet: Malnutrition will prevent your body from getting the essential and non-essential nutrients it needs to correctly manage your body weight and efficiently burn fat. Improving your diet is accomplished by eating less problematic, fast, convenience, and/or pseudo foods while eating more real foods along with specific nutritional supplementation.
  • Control calorie intake: Since calorie balance and body weight are inextricably linked, overeating can lead to excess (fat) weight and a growing waist. Overeating can be effectively controlled through the use of modified intermittent fasting. 
  • Improve your gut health: The “bad” bacteria in your gut can actually increase how many calories you can absorb from your foods. Conversely, the “good” bacteria help limit the calories you can absorb. Consequently, improving the health of your gut bacteria can help you reduce your waist size through lower calorie intake. Gut health can be managed with a good diet and lifestyle habits.

The good news is that once you reduce your stress levels, clean up your diet, control your calorie intake, and improve your gut health the energy trapped in visceral fat will leave very quickly. Depending on how much you have to lose, following this plan can shrink your waist by up to 4-5 inches in just six (6) weeks.

Sustaining Faster Run Speeds
By optimizing your bodyweight, running form, and level of aerobic fitness you can expend less energy sustaining faster speeds during your 1.5-mile run. Although making major lasting changes to how you run is fairly involved and takes several months (or years) to truly dial in, there are three (3) ways to quickly improve your run times over the next six (6) weeks:
  • Optimize Your Body Weight: Carrying additional body weight (either extra fat or muscle) will force you to work harder to sustain your running speeds, which can slow you down. Your body weight is largely impacted by the quality of your diet, level of physical activity, and ability to control stress.
  • Use Barefoot Training: Running barefoot on a treadmill can help your brain get the feedback it needs to automatically adjust and optimize your running form and economy.
  • Improving Your Aerobic Fitness: The secret of most fast runners is exceptional aerobic fitness, which allows them to support faster speeds while efficiently burning fuel with the use of oxygen. The faster you can run aerobically, the longer you can run before fatigue forces you to slow down. 

If you follow one of the two plans found at the back of this eBook (Appendix E or F), and run consistently over the next six (6) weeks, then it is possible to reduce your run times by 1-3 minutes.

Doubling Your Push-ups and Sit-ups
Instead of torturing yourself with hundreds of push-ups and sit-ups each day preparing for the PT test, you can use a little-known technique known as Grease the Groove to double the number of push-ups and sit-ups you can do in one minute. And you can get this improvement while investing as little as 50 push-ups and 50 sit-ups each day during training. More importantly, this technique it so easy to use that you can also do it at work in just a few minutes, all without breaking a sweat!

And Much More!
The Rapid PT Program eBook contains more than 80 pages dedicated to helping you destroy your next PT test. It also has:
  • A running guide, which includes a breakdown of natural running form.
  • A basic push-up and sit-up strength guide.
  • A comprehensive Eat This, Not That food guide to help you with the diet suggestions.
  • Two different exercise plans, one for those just learning to run naturally and another for those who have used the program before (or have some experience with natural running). 
  • Eighteen different PT test tips to help you score the most points possible. 
  • A running shoe buying guide and a list of 54 different minimalist running shoe suggestions.
  • It is absolutely free! No gimmicks or tricks. 
Being active duty in the USAF I know how hard it is to get good PT advice. I wrote this eBook (and this blog) to correct that shortcoming. And if you use this program every time you prepare for your PT test, then you should never again be worried about failing.

Good Luck!

Bryan Mayo (MSgt, USAF)

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