Monday, May 7, 2012

How to Build Muscle and Strength, Part 1: Exercise Strategy

There are probably thousands of different exercise programs that you can use, and some are better than others. In truth, there is no single perfect exercise program; however, not all programs will effectively build muscle or "burn" fat. To help you get more bang for your exercise buck, I have assembled four simple and effective muscle-building lessons that are commonly missed by many exercisers.

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  1. In place of weights (gym-free) you can do what he has been doing lately which is isolating your body weight toward 1 limb, making it harder to perform the movement (example; one legged squats, one armed push-ups). This also is double the work on your core, in which, contributes to overall power. Also, biking can be a good low aerobic alternative, as long as you arent competing in a race. I personally bike, normally faster than i should, BUT, it works great for me, especially going to the gym as a warm-up or cool-down.
    As they say moderation is key. That means a little bit of everything is better than a lot bit of of one thing, but incorporate everything!

  2. I intend on creating an advanced 42-day exercise program that includes those body-weight max contraction exercises, but I'm still experimenting with them. However, I will say that they have a pretty impressive ability to boost strength in a very short amount of time!