Friday, February 24, 2012

Success Story: Six Months and 75 Pounds Lost!

In November 2007 I popped a major umbilical hernia while bench pressing 415 lbs with bad technique and not using a lifting belt. Up til that time I was in fairly good physical condition and my body weight was reasonable. In fact I had been living in Vegas at the time and was occasionally approached by body building recruiters. I was eating a high calorie mainstream US-type diet including pizza, fast food, burgers, tacos, burritos, specialty sandwiches, the works. While I wasn't in perfect condition, I was not terribly concerned about weight. I had a surgical procedure to replace my intestine and block the resulting opening with a Kevlar mesh implant. The in-patient process took a few hours under general anesthesia. Little did I know how much of an impact those few hours would have on my life.

After waiting the prescribed few weeks of recovery time after the surgery I found that any type of physical fitness activity caused excruciating pain. I was told to wait a few weeks and try again by the docs. In the meantime I continued my diet of processed and fast foods with little regard for good nutrition, carb balance and just generally taking in "clean foods". The "wait a few weeks" cycle turned into months, and while life was happening I almost didn't notice that in a little over a year I had gained over 110lbs! 

In Mar of 2010 I finally said ENOUGH. The event which prompted this was climbing into my street stock dirt racing car and putting on the detachable steering wheel. Where I had about 3" of clearance the prior fall, it was actually rubbing my stomach! I immediately started an exercise regimen involving cardio and weight training. However, I did not immediately modify my eating habits. A short time later, I started speaking with Bryan about diet and lifestyle. At various times he provided me with clear and concise information, often concerning resources regarding the "Paleo" diet and "primal-blueprint" lifestyles. The basic gist of which involved eating unprocessed whole foods, avoiding gluten, refined grains, and generally most modern foods which we as humans haven't evolved to digest and utilize in an efficient and healthy manner. As I adopted this lifestyle I realized great improvements in my general feelings of well being and health and to date have lost over 75lbs. I will continue to maintain this lifestyle, confident that I will realize body composition goals that I hadn't even dreamed that I ever achieve prior to learning about nutrition and the body. 



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