Saturday, February 11, 2012

Interesting Stuff (11Feb12)

Every week (or so), I'll list a few interesting web links, books, and success stories. This is all designed to encourage you to get more involved with changing your life for the better.

Web Links
  • Dr. Oz's Prehistoric Diet Plan
    I'm not sure what pre-history Dr. Oz is referring to, but his diet plan isn't even remotely close to Paleo. His plan is anti-meat, high in grains, and full of high-omega-6 oils. You can't get healthy on that stuff. For a good idea of what a faileo diet looks like, check out his prehistoric diet plan.
  • Is Honey Good for You?
    The short answer is YES, raw honey is very good for you. But you should avoid the cheap honey.
  • Why You Should eat Foods high in Sulfur 
    Sulfur-rich foods (like onions and garlic) are very healthy for you. Have you ever noticed that a lot of meal recipes include onions and garlic? Maybe humans have always instinctively known that these two sulfur-rich foods help reboot your health.
  • Do Artificial Sweeteners Cause an Insulin Response?
    Not always, but that doesn't mean that you should consume them. If you need to sweeten your coffee or tea, use raw honey.
  • Build Your own Disease-Fighting Diet
    I have put together a template that you can use to create your own personalized diet plan that will allow you to achieve exceptional health for the rest of your life. 
  • Parents (of rats) who eat junk food give Birth to Children Predisposed to be Overweight
    This is a good example of epigenetics at work. Your environment (which includes the foods that you eat) affects gene expression. These expression changes are encoded in RNA (not DNA), which can affect the health to future generations, even if these generations enjoy a perfect diet.

  • Perfect Health Diet
    Paul Jaminet and his wife have written an excellent book that is one of the best diet programs that I've come accross. Their diet philosophy is Paleo-like, championing whole plant and animal foods, some fruits, safe starches, saturated and monounsaturated fats, and some important supplements. And while their book is good, their web site is even better!
  • Biology for Bodybuilders
    I have worked out in the gym for almost 20 years and my routines have always been designed to produce size and strength. While I've had some decent success, I've experienced a big change in the amount of muscle I've put on in the last couple of months. These positive changes are all attributed to the new techniques that I've gleaned from Doug Miller's excellent book Biology for Bodybuilders. If you want to easily put on mass (even for hard gainers like myself), then I highly recommend this book!
  • The Samurai Diet
    I have to admit that I never heard of Nate Miyaki before I bought his very highly-rated (5 out of 5) fat-burning diet book on Amazon for $6.99. For that price, I was unprepared for the volume of quality advice (over 100 lessons). Although his book is now $9.99, it is still a killer bargain for the knowledge you get.

Success Stories

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