Thursday, January 24, 2013

Lost 14 lbs and 2.5 Inches!


Figured I would drop you a line and say thank you for the information you put on your PT site. I started the program right after Thanksgiving and tested today, so I went a little over the 42 days. I moved to a desk job that allowed me to get lazy. Knowing that my PT test was coming soon I looked to your site for guidance. Well it worked, I dropped 14 pounds and 2.5" off my waist, my run could have been better but it was brutal cold for Mississippi (39 degrees) so I ended with a 13:04 run time (last week in the warm I was pushing 12:30s easy, way better then the 14s I was pushing in November). Sit-ups--I did 50--were a breeze; I could have done my push-ups, but I have profile due to bursitis in my elbow. Either way your "program" worked for me, with some "funky" type modifications. Just figured I would tell you of a success story.



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