Monday, April 2, 2012

Engineering the Perfect Body, Part1: Intro

If you have been convinced that today is the day that you turn your life around by cleaning up your diet and lifestyle, committed to the idea of building a better body and improving your PT score, then why not strive for some ideals. As I've alluded to in other posts, I'm a big fan of ideals because they give goals to shoot for while also providing me with useful feedback on how far I've traveled. And when it comes to body ideals, I tend to look to the Spartans and Greeks.

"But," you say, "it seems next to impossible to build an idealized body, requiring a legion of personal trainers, dietitians, and nannies to keep me from sitting on my butt and overeating."

While it does seem very difficult to build an athletic and beautiful body today, nothing could be farther from the truth. If you ignore most of the popular "health" advice currently in circulation and concentrate on good science, then building the body of your dreams is seriously easy. In fact, if you provide it with the right stimulus, your body naturally wants to build this idealized body.

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  1. I would say society today is too relaxed and dependent on someone taking care of them. They need someone to say this is good for you. This is always subject to, in my words, bull-larky, which is a combination of bull-sh*t and mallarky. I like to think to myself... Self... whats in this? and if i dont know, then i try not to eat it. But food can be deceiving sometimes and look as if it is what you assume it to be. This is where reading is useful. The most important thing you can do is nutritional, letting food be food. Sure you can spruse it up for flavor but do it with other foods that occur naturally just like the food you should be consuming. It is almost always the case that varying your hormones to one extreme to another plays the greatest factor in your overall health. Just like food and exercise should be in moderation so will the chemical reactions in your body. Overtraining, overeating, over-sedentarium, and fasting can raise and drop these substances that help your body communicate and function properly. With accordance to mediating these spikes should be balance. I.E., if you exercise more, eat more. If you have to be sedentary, take in(eat) "sedentary"(slower digesting) foods. Not to go into the meaning of balance, but what you take in and what you put out should be similar! Last but not least, access yourself correspondingly and properly. You know when you are active and not, just as you know when you can make yourself more active. Do not assume you expending more just because something feels hard, do not let this "feeling" persuade you into thinking you can "cheat" or consume more than you should. The easiest way to stave off progress is through "snack food", unless its naturally occuring, as in nature, NOT as in front of you or in your vicinity. Its caloric density far exceeds its volume/size, making it very easy to cosume more not knowing its content. One trick I always use is, have "good" food available. Try it first. Usually in the case of sweet tooths, consuming fruit, especially sweet fruit like pinapple, can subdue the occasion and in the case of pinapple act as a digestive aid also.
    To get your perfect body you have to treat youself like you have a perfect body, feed it what it likes, not what you developed to thinking you like, and show yourself, and others too, if thats your thing, what it can do...