Tuesday, April 16, 2013

My New Blog: Mayo's Mind

What started as a simple 10-page diet and exercise program written for a friend struggling to pass his PT test has become the expansive Rapid PT blog (with over 60 posts) that you are reading now. Over the last year and a half, this blog has helped hundreds of people in the Air Force pass their PT test and encourage hundreds more to improve their health by simply changing their diet. And although many of my posts required a lot of exhaustive research, I never really thought of it as work.

But recently I have realized that I have used this blog as a place for me to talk more about disease prevention than passing the PT test. So, to re-focus the Rapid PT blog, I have revived an old blog called Mayo's Mind to talk about less PT-related topics. I will then start writing more posts on this blog that are specifically concerned with improving your push-ups, sit-ups, run times, and waist measurement.

And thanks again for making this blog as popular as it is. As always, if you know someone who is struggling with passing their PT test, please tell them about my 42-day program.


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